Saturday, September 22, 2007

Into the fire - Ending Childhood Hunger

So I'm back in the fight, having survived personal tragedies and challenges over the past 18 months that I could have never imagined. Now it's time to sell myself, and my cause. All the usual career-speak applies: I'm passionate, committed, sport a wildly varied resume that includes a law degree as well as undergraduate degrees in economics & marketing and multiple leadership positions on the boards of over a dozen not-for-profit organizations. I choose to use that background to try and made the world a better place.

But who am I?
I am the first-born son of an upper-middle class, loving midwestern family.
I am left-handed.
I was an editor of my high school paper.
I was expelled for three days for breaking their dress code by being the first student to wear bell-bottoms.
During a summer spent studying French in Europe, I once left the audience and danced naked on stage in the Paris production of Hair. And I still can’t speak French.
I live in a nice house in the suburbs with a pool, a big Doberman and three Abyssinian cats.
I have an amazing and inspiring wife and partner.

But wait, there’s more.
I have never fought in a war.
I have never suffered from a mental illness.
I have never gone hungry.
I have never been homeless.
I have never lost faith.
I have never lived without love in my life.

I’ve got it pretty good.

I'm a merely a foot soldier, not a general, in a battle that seems overwhelming at times. Whatever I have accomplished in the past to make the world a better place is not enough. I will do whatever is in my power for the rest of my days to insure that every child brought screaming and frightened into our world will never know the pain and suffering that hunger brings.

Want to help? check out . Hell, you can even donate if you want.

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