Sunday, September 27, 2009

South Florida Hunger Rant

So I've invested most of my free time in the past year in my nonprofit, End Childhood Hunger, a group of volunteers who advocate for greater access to school breakfast, school lunch, after-school snacks, summer meals, and nutrition education. We raise funds for direct mini-grants, programming, and support and recruit volunteers for emerging, niche, and grassroots hunger organizations that are having a direct impact on the issue of childhood hunger in South Florida.

You know, over seventeen million children in America will go to bed tonight facing hunger and food insecurity, not knowing if the new day will bring hope or helplessness. Over 200,000 of those children live in South Florida. This is a travesty that cannot be defended or explained away.

Even more sobering news for us living in "Paradise."
- In Palm Beach County, 63,000 eligible kids don't get free/reduced price school breakfast.
- In Broward County, 97,000 eligible kids don't get free/reduced price school breakfast.
- In Dade County, 200,000 eligible kids don't get free or reduced price school breakfast.

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I visit often, but never comment. This entry bothers/intrigues me. Why do these eligible children NOT get their meals?